Britta Nelson

Britta Nelson, a certified yoga instructor at Full Circle Yoga & Therapy in Salt Lake City is pictured outdoors with her dog. Britta is a caucasian female with long, wavy hair that is blondish brown. She is muscluar in stature and pictured wearing a black tank top and blue patterned skirt with tennis shoes. Her dog is a black lab.
Britta Nelson, Registered Yoga Teacher

Hi! I’m Britta Nelson. I live in Salt Lake City, a community I’ve enjoyed for nearly 17 years.

You’ll find me doing yard work, potlucking with friends, practicing yoga, or in our mountains, skiing, or hiking with my black lab, Harvey.

I have been an avid yoga practitioner for 10 years. I am RYT200 Vinyasa and Kundalini-Awakening certified, with a health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My ongoing journey towards greater health and wellness includes engaging in intuitive eating, yoga, breathwork, and meditation to find greater peace, balance, and happiness.

Through community and these powerful tools, I’ve released unhealthy eating patterns and addictions (sugar!) and created a more sustainable way of relating to food and my body.

I have a 30-year career in business development, corporate training, and career coaching. I have honed this experience to now focus on sharing the tools of yoga and meditation with companies and individuals.    

See the calendar below to join Britta for an upcoming class or workshop:

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