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Photos of Jade courtesy of Trish Empey

Jade Stromberg

Jade Stromberg has taught as a certified yoga teacher since 2007. She transcends the role of yoga instructor to that of an insightful and highly approachable yoga teacher, offering a therapeutic yoga practice with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, body awareness, and self care. Students are able to settle into a class where they feel safe and comfortable, as Jade has a way of making yoga accessible to students of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. 

Jade was compelled to try yoga as a teenager out of curiosity. She found herself drawn back time and time again. Not only was she noticing physical benefits she was also finding a new sense of ease and peace she had yet to experience in her life. Due to childhood trauma, she had always carried an underlying sense of fear and anxiety that she struggled to overcome. Yoga was helping so she continued to practice.

Years later, never intending to teach, Jade joined a teacher training program in the hopes of understanding why yoga was having such a positive impact on her life. She found that the beauty of a yoga practice is that you are continually learning new skills, practicing those skills in class, and then being given the opportunity to implement them into your life. 

Upon the completion of her yoga teacher training program she did wholeheartedly accept a teaching position and has been teaching ever since. Through the years and plenty of ups and downs, Jade has overcome many obstacles with the help of gifted teachers and the transformative power of a yoga practice. She hopes to pass this inspiration on to her students.

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