Jamie Duke

Jamie Duke, clinical social worker at Full Circle Yoga & Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT, is pictured outside on a sunny day. The image is a head and shoulders picture of Jamie who has a big smile. She has long and way hair that is light brown and is wearing a cream henly style shirt with a collar and long sleeves.

Hello! I’m Jamie Duke. I began my education in photography, appreciating and enjoying capturing the beauty around me. Once I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts/Photography, I entered the Master of Social Work program at the University of Utah. This program helped me fine-tune my preferred areas of focus and gained real-time experience through a variety of clinical internships.

Through my work with children from kinship families, adolescents in residential treatment programs, and incarcerated clients in substance misuse programs, I have discovered that I want and am meant to help those around me.

I am especially passionate about working with children. I believe that all children should have a safe space to express themselves, feel their feelings, and develop strong coping skills through client-centered play therapy.

My primary goal in working with clients is to support and promote well-being. I wish for each of my clients to discover the impact of creating positive change in their life. Learning to understand myself and the best methods to cope with life’s challenges has profoundly improved my way of living. I always strive to impart this experience to each of my clients. To achieve this, I draw from tools found in acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and foundational practices of building a compassionate and loving experience with one’s thoughts and feelings.

Outside of my work in mental health and wellness, I love connecting with the outdoors through hiking, rollerblading, and photography. I also find joy in traveling and spending time with my family, nieces, and nephews.

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