Pippa Blau

Pippa Blau, Certified Yoga Instructor

Pippa Blau first discovered yoga in high school, when her mom brought her along to a vinyasa flow class. At first, she didn’t like it at all and ended up crying in downward dog.  After being convinced to try a few more times, she began to love the interconnectedness of moving her body with intention.

The idea of yoga being a practice was especially appealing to her. Cultivating a way of being during an hour time period ( be it calm, gentle, focused, playful, kind, loving, etc)  and then implementing this out in the real world, felt really powerful to her. 

Pippa studied traditional Eastern Arts in college and graduated with 1000 hours of registered training. Recently she completed a 200-hour intuitive flow training that focused on the importance of proprioception and being aware of what is going on inside the body, mind, and heart and how that informs the way we move through the world. Her classes bring together philosophy, intention, breath, movement, intuition, sprinklings of play and giggles, and meditation. 

In her free time, she loves to dance, write, paint, move her body outdoors in as many ways as possible, snuggle with her dog, and read. Pippa is currently completing her master’s in counseling with a focus on Marriage¬†Family Therapy and Somatics at Prescott College.¬†

See the calendar below to join Pippa for an upcoming class or workshop:

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