Class Descriptions

Class descriptions for the yoga and meditation offerings at Full Circle Yoga and Therapy. If you have additional questions, please shoot us an email: hello at fullcircleut dot com.

Queer & Trans Yoga
Taught by: Jacoby Ballard

Queer & Trans Yoga is a class for self-identified LGBTIQQA2S folks to unfurl, find embodiment, ground, build resilience, and connect deeply in community through asana, breathwork, meditation, and living philosophy.

The pace or level of the class varies in response to who and what is present in the room: heartbreaks, shoulder replacements, milestone achievements, tight hamstrings, betrayals,  migraines, etc. We could spend the whole class on the ground or doing every inversion; we could meditate for the majority of class or not stop moving once.

Your whole self is welcome in this class, exactly as you are today.

Open Level Flow
Taught by: Britta Nelson

An energizing Vinyasa class for all levels that gently flows through a series of poses, aligning breath with our movements to foster strength, flexibility, focus, and relaxation.

Classes begin with a gentle warm-up, increasing in pace and effort before moving into a combination of balancing poses and stretching, and finishing in quiet relaxation. Open Level Flow is available to every body, with cues for modifying poses and pace based on each student’s interests and needs.

Yoga for Focus
Taught by: Heather Jones

This class encourages a deepening awareness of the subtler sensations of the body.  Gentle guidance is offered in utilizing postures, movement, and breath, deepening the mind-body connection as the basis for self-exploration.

Hatha yoga practices combine physical postures with gentle movement and introduction to simple breathing techniques. Hatha classes are slower-paced than flow or vinyasa-style classes and conducive to developing strength and calming the nervous system.

Heather’s inclusive teaching style makes this a great place for beginning students to enjoy a safe and welcoming space to develop a supportive practice while also offering more experienced practitioners the time and guidance to fine-tune or adapt their practice to changing goals and needs. Students will also enjoy reminders and support in pacing their participation in a way that best supports their individual energy and mobility levels.

Yoga for 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR)
Taught by: Steve Jones

Modeled from the meetings of 12-step programs, Yoga for 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) is a group-sharing circle preceded or followed by an intentional, themed yoga class. These classes are for anyone dealing with their own addictive behaviors or who are affected by those behaviors in others.

Y12SR combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Combining the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental, and spiritual disease that it is. This is an open and inclusive group. All As are welcome to participate in Y12SR classes. No prior yoga or 12-step program experience is required.

iRest Yoga Nidra
Taught by: Steve Jones

This restorative style of yoga uses a series of guided visualizations and deep relaxation techniques to identify mental obstacles and dissolve old patterns of thinking and behavior. The practice of Yoga Nidra can also help us release sources of tension and self-limiting beliefs in order to expand our inner potential.

Steve Jones is a Level 1 Certified iRest Yoga Nidra facilitator. iRest is a meditation practice based on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra and adapted to suit the conditions of modern life. The iRest Yoga Nidra protocol has been academically studied/published and shown to help individuals:

  • Cope with Daily Stress.
  • Decrease Depression and Anxiety.
  • Relieve Chronic Pain.
  • Improve Sleep.

Yoga Nidra is practiced either seated or lying down depending on your personal comfort. No special yoga supplies or clothing are needed. This is a trauma-informed class that is open to all experience levels.

Mindful Yoga
Taught By: Carly Czach

In Carly’s Mindful Yoga class you can expect a relaxed and comfortable environment.

She leads a therapeutic practice with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, body awareness, and self-care through the practice of carefully sequenced yoga postures. She offers space and supportive cues to assist you in adapting postures to meet your specific needs.

Mindful Yoga culminates with a guided meditation/relaxation practice as the class settles into savasana. This class is accessible to students of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities. Whether you are new to yoga or want to slow down and refine your practice, you are welcome and invited. No prior yoga experience is needed.

Vinyasa 1&2
Taught By: Lin Steffey

Lin’s classes blend dynamic and playful sequences exploring strength and flexibility, with breath and skillful alignment. You will find lots of opportunities to modify sequences and postures to meet your individual needs while better connecting to the inherent wisdom of your body and your heart.

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