Azul Bolivar

Andrea Bolivar is pictured seated indoors with eyes closed in easy pose. They have one hand on their belly and their other hand over their heart. Andrea has shoulder-length wavy dark hair with fringe bangs and is wearing a tiedye sleveless cropped shirt and goldish brown exercise pants.

Azul Bolivar (they/them/theirs) is a nonbinary first gen yoga teacher, space holder, and artist.

Their spaces focus heavily on body liberation & anti-diet living, and embodying it all through pleasure-centered movement.

Azul holds a teaching certification in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga.  They are also a Yoga Therapy student,  learning and integrating knowledge that will vastly expand the ways they can serve their communities as a practitioner.

Azul currently runs a virtual body-liberated yoga studio, works 1:1 with clients desiring to step into/embrace body liberation, and hosts workshops & retreat sessions both online and in person. 

In working with Azul, folks can expect to explore a kinder relationship with the body & the self through pleasure-centered movement, & self-compassion. 

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