Carly Czach

Carly Czach, yoga instructor at Full Circle Yoga & Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT. Carly is pictured sitting on a cliffside with their back to the camera taking in a view of a large mountain range. They have long auburn hair pulled into a braid and are wearing a long-sleeved black shirt

Carly Czach is known for her warm and genuine demeanor and her ability to make people feel safe and at ease. Her background as a professional dancer and movement therapist cultivated her understanding that how we show up and move through life reflects how we experience and perceive ourselves, others, and the world.

When we’re in pain or struggling to navigate life challenges, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and others and tangled up in emotions and impulses to control or avoid what feels unbearable. These patterns, though intended to protect us from future pain, can lead us toward greater pain and being stuck in suffering.

Carly utilizes an eclectic approach to supporting her clients’ self-awareness and growth. She believes meaningful change is possible by meeting clients where they are and collaborating to address peoples’ unique experiences, challenges, and goals.

Her work blends her training in cognitive and behavioral modalities and somatic (body-oriented) interventions, including ACT, DBT, CBT, Trauma-Focused CBT, mindfulness practices, yoga, and other trauma-informed experiential practices. She specializes in working with adolescents and adults dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, faith transitions, LGBTQ+ issues, and addiction and harm reduction.

Carly holds a master’s in social work from the University of Utah, a BFA in dance, and she is an E-RYT 500 certified yoga and meditation instructor. In addition to working with people from diverse backgrounds, identities, and life experiences in general outpatient therapy, she has worked for a crisis hotline, with youth in the juvenile justice system, grieving people and families in hospice care, and adults in residential treatment with addiction and trauma. She finds joy and balance in her life through hiking, dancing, laughing until it hurts, and traveling with people she loves.

Carly’s movement & yoga classes emphasize curiosity, compassion, and individual empowerment.

She teaches classes ranging from gentle and meditative to strength-focused and injury rehab for dancers and athletes. She has been a lead instructor in a teacher training program at Shambhala Yoga in New York City, and has taught yoga to youth in juvenile detention centers and to incredible people struggling with addiction in residential treatment.

Carly is passionate about making the world a more tolerable, loving place. Inspired by the mountains and wilderness, she relocated to Salt Lake City to further her career in Social Work.

See the calendar below to join Carly for an upcoming class or workshop. To schedule therapy services with Carly, call our offices at 385-528-2950.

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