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Karen Tao

As a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Instructor based in Utah, my main goal is to support others down the long path of discovery that yoga provides. Whether you want to move your body, reach spiritual growth, or be more present, I know you’ll benefit from practicing yoga regularly.​

I am also a certified meditation teacher, ready to guide mindfulness-based meditation, yoga Nidra, and other forms of meditation. Meditation has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.​

As a reiki practitioner, I have seen firsthand the powerful emotional release that comes from balancing chakras,  the energy centers of the body. Chakras are believed to correspond to different physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. It’s an honor to share the healing powers of reiki with you. ​

Finally, I am a certified sound healing practitioner and a vibrational therapy practitioner. Each chakra is associated with a specific sound or frequency, and sound healing can be used to balance the chakras by using specific frequencies and vibrations that correspond to each energy center.

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Full Circle Yoga and Therapy | 1719 S. Main Street | Salt Lake City, UT 84115 | (385) 528-2950