Tyler Oslund

Tyler Oslund is a Caucasian female pictured kneeling behind and hugging a black, white, and brown fluffy medium-sized dog. Tyler and the dog are pictured outdoors on a mountainside with a city valley visible in the background. Tyler has long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and is wearing a plaid button up shirt.

Hello! My name is Tyler. I am a dedicated and compassionate Clinical Social Work Intern specializing in supporting youth through life and developmental challenges.

My experience includes 7 years working with families and children in navigating crises, traumas, maladaptive behaviors, and difficult emotions. I engage a client-centered and developmentally appropriate approach, recognizing that kids and teens communicate feelings differently than adults.

Together with my clients and their families, we co-create safe and nurturing spaces where children and adolescents can express themselves freely. Using play therapy, ACT, CBT, mindfulness practices, and other evidence-based techniques, I tailor care to the unique needs of your child,

Whether your child struggles with anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, trauma, difficulties at school or home, or simply needs someone to talk to, I am ready to help. Together, we will work to build resilience, develop effective communication skills, and foster positive relationships.

I actively engage in ongoing training to ensure my methods include the most effective and up-to-date interventions. This along with involving parents and caregivers in the therapeutic process, fosters a supportive dynamic for whole-family growth. I am deeply committed to helping clients navigate life’s complexities with confidence and resilience. I look forward to witnessing my clients heal, grow, and thrive.

My passions include the outdoors, my dogs Moose and Daisy, yoga, traveling, snowboarding, and spending time with loved ones. I love to learn, grow, have fun, be silly, and create a healthy and balanced life.

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